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Patterns of behaviour

Take a moment and think about the way you relate with others. Do you find you seek out the same type of partner even when it hasn't worked for you in the past? When you are scared do you have a way of dealing with this feeling? How does it manifest itself? Just think about it for a minute.... Do you go into fight or flight mode? Are you impulsive, buy things you don't need, do things to excess and wish you hadn't even though you knew you were going to. Are you quick tempered? Does something happen to cause this behaviour? How do you react when you get bad news? Is there a pattern? Are you even aware if there is a pattern. Do you feel the need to self sooth, and how do you do this? Does it lead to self-sabotage? By asking yourself these questions have you discovered something about yourself that you hadn't noticed before?

The more aware we become of ourselves, the more we can begin to understand why we do what we do. When we begin to unlock the unconscious we can begin to understand how and why we are the way we are in those situations and start to work towards bringing about change.

Counselling means that you don't have to do it alone.


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