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Client Testimonials

I've found Mel to be full of care and so passionate about helping others. She's someone who works hard and is thoughtful about how she can work best to support her clients. I highly recommend working with her.


Melanie made me feel safe. Her warmth and understanding allowed me to feel like I could say anything and not worry about being judged. She's been able to catch me when I've been avoiding things and makes me feel seen. I highly recommend Melanie!


I have known Melanie for a number of years now. I highly admire her ability and passion for helping people. She does so with integrity, kindness and honesty. I implicitly trust Melanie and therefore could not recommend her highly enough.


Receiving counselling from Melanie for over 2 years has led to profound improvements in my mood and coping abilities. Melanie's dedication to fostering trust and promptly addressing any misconceptions helped me get the most out of our sessions. Her expertise in therapy, coupled with her soothing demeanor, allowed me to freely express myself. Melanie's use of techniques and tools to help me visualize and organize my thoughts has been invaluable. She ensured our sessions were cohesive by revisiting previous discussions, demonstrating her preparedness and genuine concern for my progress.
Melanie's receptiveness to feedback, both formal and informal, further enhanced the therapeutic process and contributed to my growth. Through therapy with Melanie, I've become more self-aware, empowered, and equipped with effective strategies to manage my mental health.
I wholeheartedly recommend Healy's Counselling to anyone seeking transformative therapy


Melanie genuinely makes you feel at ease, she has really helped me navigate through difficult times. She creates a safe calm space for me to talk and i found her work space comfortable and welcoming. I now have many coping mechanisms in place for those moments !! i would highly recommend Melanie. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support.


Melanie has a beautiful, loving, kind spirit and is effortless to talk to. An abundance ofempathy, and an attentive listener, qualities you must be blessed with if you are to become aCounsellor and what an amazing one she is! I highly recommend Melanie.


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