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A fully qualified integrative counsellor. I am aware that people have different needs and therefore I
provide one to one counselling both face to face, and online. My private practice is in Harold Wood,
less than five minutes’ walk from the station
, and working online means we can work
together from anywhere within the UK.


Counselling can be a daunting thought for some people, and what you initially bring to therapy, may
not be what is at the root of what is really going on for you. We will work collaboratively to navigate
you through your journey of self-discovery.  As you become more self-aware and conscious of the
unconscious, you will begin to unpack what has happened in your past that may be affecting you
today. It is not about me giving you the answers, or offering advice, the aim, is to empower you to
bring about positive change.

Your mental health is a priority and essential to your well being

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Foggy Waters

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate"

 C.G. Jung

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